Gamblers play real money casino games not just for the chance to win big, although that is one of the main factors. The games themselves are enjoyable to learn, study, and participate in, and while we know the odds are stacked against us, that only serves to make the win that much sweeter when it does come around!

US$680 000 & Over US$27 Million

Patience and persistence can really pay off. When an OAP won the not-inconsiderable sum of US$680 000 on the Wheel of Fortune slot at Palace Station in Las Vegas, she set her winnings aside and used the money to keep playing.

Her decision paid off! Thanks to her commitment, she went on to take home the Megabucks slot Jackpot which came to US$27 million. No further details have been made available.

US$4.6 Million and US$21 Million

As relatively impossible as it is to win a million dollars, some people have managed to do it twice. Elmer Sherwin, a World War II veteran was just that man.

Sherwin was 76-years old when he hit a US$4.6 million, a mere 10 hours after the River Belle Casino Canada opened its doors. The ex-soldier used to fund a trip around the world and kept visiting gambling venues whenever he felt lucky, roughly twice a week.

16 years after the first miracle occurred, he hit the jackpot again, but with a much higher total of US$21 million dollars coming his way the second time around. The hero didn’t spend this money on himself, either, but used it to help those devastated in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

US$20 Million – US$40 Million

Australian billionaire Kerry Packer came to the MGM Grand Baccarat and Blackjack tables out of curiosity, and walked away with between US$20 million and US$40 million. The exact amount of his win is not known because there were several.

Packer started donating his wins almost immediately, tipping the head waiter and waitress serving him around US$1 million. Several charitable organisations also enjoyed a generous donation.

US$39.7 million

In March 2003, a 25-year old engineer hailing from Los Angeles, California, headed to Las Vegas to place a bet on the Basketball games he so enjoyed. He arrived a few hours early, however, and decided to kill some time at the famed Excalibur Hotel & Casino located on the Strip in Paradise, Nevada.

The young man made his way to the slot machines and it was there that it happened. He had spent about US$100 when the Jackpot sign started sputtering on the screen and loud music began to play. He’d just won one of the biggest prizes Sin City has ever paid out, comparable to the average winnings for an entire venue for 30 days!

The winner opted to keep his name a secret, opting to be remembered as a young engineer instead. He also chose to choose a US$1.5 million transfer into his account once a year rather than getting the full almost US$40 million amount at once.