Sometimes entering the world of online casinos can be a bit scary and one of the main reasons for that is that some players don’t have the experience or ‘know how’ when it comes to prestigious online casino games. If you’ve never tried it you’re more than likely a bit weary of the process and don’t have a full understanding as to how to play these games to start with. Free Blackjack is now available to all online players. Not only can you test the waters and see if you’re any good at the game but you can also gain experience and insights as to the many tricks of the trade that high rollers build up during the years of practice.

How Online Blackjack Works

If you’re new to the online gambling arena and you want to play a few games of Blackjack without using real money just yet then this is the perfect solution to your needs. Without logging in or creating an account you can benefit from hours of free Blackjack game play as soon as you enter a Canadian online casino. Your game will be credited with a sum of money from which you can play with. The only trick to this is that you won’t be winning in real money; you’ll be winning in points. These points buy you more time to play games for free.

If you’re ready to take the next step, you can create an online  casino account for yourself and from there you’ll be one step in the right direction to play with and compete for real money. As a new account player you will also automatically receive either free credits to play with or you’re account will be credited with some real money. This money however you are able to win real money with when playing free Blackjack, just make sure you read the terms and conditions and you’ll be set to go. Free Blackjack can be enjoyed on all devices including your PC, Mac, laptop, phones, tablets and more.

Free Blackjack Game Variations

There are a few Blackjack variations you can choose from when playing free online Blackjack. They all have generally the same rules in place. The most popular is the 21 style games where the aim of the game is to get your cards to equal to 21 points dependent on their face value. You’ll be given the choice to double down on your first hand, and you’ll be able to split pairs increasing the chance of winning.

Once you’ve mastered the art of Blackjack it would be a good move to start playing for real money. Real money online Blackjack Canada opens the playing field quite a bit and offers more game variations, and of course the impressive progressive jackpot is always a popular feature.

Improve your skills with free Blackjack, then head on over to the real money games and put your new found skills into practice and strike it big with a lucky ‘Blackjack’ hand.