When considering the vast variety of available spectator sports in existence today, there’s hardly a sport as exciting as Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), also referred to as combat sports. What’s more, given the correct approach, betting on MMA can be a potential gold mine. And success is mostly as simple as getting to know the fighters and relying on the available information to predict the outcome of a fight.

There are several types of MMA bets available to combat sports enthusiasts. Herewith a basic breakdown for those new to the sport.

The MMA Moneyline Bet

The MMA money line bet is probably the simplest bet there is. The money line bet basically entails picking the fighter most likely to win the fight.

A typical moneyline bet will start with a bookmaker putting “odds” on each fighter set to participate in a particular stand-off. One fighter will be named the “favourite”, and the other, the “underdog”. It is then up to the bettor to choose his own favourite, as well as how much to wager on that the likelihood of the favourite reigning victorious.

The MMA Round Bet

The round bet involves the bookmaker setting an https://bettingsitesonline.net.au/mma/ bet line based on a prediction of how long a fight can be expected to last (tip: better fighters typically last longer!).

The bettor will then wager a bet on whether the fight will last longer or shorter than the line set by the bookie. The MMA round bet is a favourite among lovers of the sport and sports betting enthusiasts alike.

The MMA Method Of Victory Bet

What makes MMA such a fantastically fun sport to bet on is the interesting variety of possible outcomes. A fight can end in a number of ways, including a draw, an end by decision (majority, unanimous call, etc.), a KO (knock-out), or even by submission.

Examples of bets wagered on MMA Methods of Victory include:

  • Fighter wins by decision.
  • Fight culminates in a draw.
  • Fighter wins by submission.
  • Fight goes the distance.

MMA Parlay Betting

A parlay bet refers to a bet created by a number of bets wagered on several fights of which the ultimate payout is a combined result. Parlay bets, though slightly riskier than “single” bets, when successful, yield comparatively higher returns.

A great way to go about MMA parlay betting is to identify a couple of sure-fire winners (favourites you’re sure will win – or at least, as sure as can be), and then balance those favourites out by adding onto the set some fights that include safe underdog bets. A safe underdog bet would be a fight where you consider the underdog likely to win that particular fight – the reason(s) regardless.

MMA Fight Award Bets

Since most major MMA competitions offer fight awards to be handed to players based on specific performances well executed, betting on which fighter can be expected to clinch a specific fight award has become a superbly MMA betting option.

MMA Prop Bets

MMA prop (proposition) bets are wagers placed on the likelihood of any number of possibilities coming to pass during a specific event in the ring. These are often riskier, but also much more entertaining, than most standard MMA bets.