Ocean Princess Slot Guide for Absolute Beginners Online

Playtech is a developer that has gained quite a reputation for creating old-style three-reel slot games, that play equally well at online and mobile casinos. Their secret is to avoid elaborate 3D designs, and present a simple game that plays on a single three-reel screen, with pay table and all other game information conveniently on one layout. Playtech’s Ocean Princess slot both conforms to this template, and extends it.

For a start, it is another three-reeler. But instead of displaying just three rows like many Playtech titles, Ocean Princess has five rows, each with a single central payline, so the player gets better odds at matching winning symbols than they do in some Playtech titles.

It also has more payline symbols than most Playtech titles: 14 in all, with a handsome 23 different winning combos that these can create.

Separate Pay Table Screen

Because Ocean Princess has more options than usual, Playtech have had to design the pay table on a separate screen. Both the reels screen and the pay table screen, hoever, feature the Ocean Princess herself: a curvy blonde mermaid.

All 5 paylines are fixed, so players must bet on all 5 for each spin. However, the player can adjust Ocean Princess bets per line from 1.00 to 5.00, meaning a spin can cost as little as 5.00 and as much as 25.00. Prizes on the pay table are given in coins, which must be multiplied by the bet per line to calculate the total win for a combination.

All 14 Payline Symbols Themed

All 14 payline symbols in Ocean Princess relate to the underwater theme, and most combos require three of a kind to win a prize. The exceptions are the lowest-paying symbol, the turtle, and the highest-paying, the mermaid’s crown. These both pay a consolation prize for one or two sequential appearance on a payline: either will win 1 or 2 coins for combos of one or two.

Three turtles win 5 coins, followed by green, yellow and red sunken anchors. For three of a kind, these win 5, 10 or 15 coins respectively. Seahorses gain value in the same colour sequence, paying 10, 20 or 30 coins, as do the crabs, which win prizes of 20, 35 or 50 coins. Starfish win the penultimate prizes in Ocean Princess: 75 coins for three green ones, 100 for three yellows and 125 coins for three reds. This is by far one of the most exciting online slots NZ and other regions have on offer for players these days.

Crown Pays Top Payline Prize

Ocean Princess has no Wild or Scatter Bonus, so the top payline prizes need to keep players interested. The highest win goes to three crowns on the same payline, which wins 1,000 coins.

However, Ocean Princess also gives the player extra chances to win with mixed combos. Winning combinations do not all have to be the same colour; any three anchors on a payline, for example, win 2 coins.

Any three seahorses, regardless of individual colours, will win 5 coins, as does any mix of three crabs and starfish together. Three mixed crabs win 10 coins, and three mixed starfish 25. So despite its simple design and lack of extra features, Ocean Princess does have a variety of wins to entice players.