The Moto GP Off-Season Tests kick off around mid November each year, and this is when you want to start watching the action and form of the riders and bikes, as early as possible.  They come to an end in early March.  The first official Moto Grand Prix begins in late March and will run full circle to usually close on the same circuit as the first test in November of that year. Usually there are approximately eighteen official Moto GP racing events being covered from start to finish in this thrilling sport which has always caught the imaginations of thrill seeking players.  The Moto Grand Prix motorcycle racing season for the World Championship has been around since 1949, when Harold Daniel won the first 500cc championship which was held at the well-known and loved Isle of Man TT.

Moto GP Odds To Watch For

Always take a look at previous winners, the field is fairly small in Moto GP and there are some definite firm favourites for sports betting NZ punters.  Having secured 5 Moto Grand Prix titles recently, Marc Márquez is definitely a good one to watch, and so is Valentino Rossi, always a firm favourite at the bookmakers.

Betting Markets on Moto GP

These are some interesting markets to look out for when placing bets on Moto GP:

Championship Bets – incredibly popular with the sportsbooks, but depending on how you play they can have great potential winnings – keep an eye out for each-way odds.

Rider vs Rider – If you have a very good idea of the competing riders’ skills then these could be good bets for you.  These pit riders against each other and make for mighty thrilling viewing when you have wagers placed on them!

Podium Finishes – Here you need to pick the correct riders for coming first, second and third, in any order.  These bets offer good chances for winning.

Constructors – Here you would put your money on the team that comes out tops with the biggest amount of points earned over the season.

Fastest Lap – This is a firm favourite at the bookmakers.

Top-Five Finish – This type of bet gets you wagering on the top five finishers in the race. The payouts aren’t huge but your odds of winning are really good.

Moto GP Constructor Standings Betting Tips

Understanding which bike manufacturers (known as constructors in the business) have been doing well recently can give you a good idea on where to place your money.  Suzuki and Ducati haven’t featured in the top positions for some time; however Ducati, who haven’t won since 2007, are still considered fine contenders.  The best bikes to put your money on in Moto GP are Honda and Yamaha, who between them have won the Moto GP championships for the last 9 years, since 2008.

The bikes do get changed and enhanced every single year of competition, so keeping abreast of news coming from the manufacturers, sportsbooks’ expert opinion, and watching the performances in the three Free Practice Sessions as well as the two Qualifying Sessions will stand you in good stead.

This should give you a good idea on where to place your bets!