Jungle wild is a slot game with a low minimum bet and a beautiful visual design. The theme is based around jungle wildlife, as well as a set of mysterious Aztec masks. The symbol images are beautiful and clear, lovingly created for maximum attention to detail and perfect for capturing the beauty of nature.

The sound, although minimalist for the most part, is engaging and pleasant enough to make players want to keep spin the reels, just to hear the catchy music and pleasant melodies. In terms of game play design Jungle Wild is a standard best Australian pokies online game experience, featuring a five reel, thirty bet line system.

The player is able to adjust the bet lines below thirty, and may, of course, adjust the bet amount. The real treats of the game come in the form of its special features, which are triggered by the mysterious Aztec masks. The game is available to be played directly in a web browser on desktop, and may also be downloaded in application form to both Android and Apple Phones.

Stunning Symbol Designs

The clear amount of work that went into the symbol designs is definitely one of the game’s strong points. From elegant butterflies, to stunningly realistic plants, and even a curious monkey to round up the set, a person could get lost just studying the images.

Don’t get too distracted though, as the game is not forgiving in terms of payout frequency, and it may not be long before players find themselves having to deposit more cash. As is expected, symbols must be matched to make wining sequences, with payouts made depending on the value of the symbols. The first symbol to look out for is the curious monkey, who is the highest paying basic image. He may match with himself three, four and five times, with higher payouts the more symbols in the match.

The plant symbols, although beautiful to look at, have less value, and payout only small amounts when matched. One thing to notice is that the plants do look fairly similar, and it can be confusing deciding which payout you’re supposed to be getting. To rake in the big money, however, a player should pay attention to the Aztec masks.

Striking It Lucky

The two Aztec masks in Jungle Wild are highly valuable symbols, and can match to grant substantial payouts. Although the game treats them as normal symbols, and matches them in the same way, they are rare and not often seen in sequences. The two wild symbols, however, are what tie the whole system together. Wild symbols are recognised as Aztec pyramids, and will match with all other symbols to create matching sequences. It is these wilds that make wining sequences with the masks more likely, and they are the key to having a lucrative game.

A sequence may consist of, for example, two monkeys and a wild to create a three monkey match. Or two masks and two wilds, which would be a four mask match. The big win matches are rare, but worth the wait. The player should, of course, adjust the betting lines periodically in anticipation of the big wins.