There is no denying that technology has made life easier and more compact. We live on the go with devices affixed to our pockets that act as an extended appendage of our personal being.

The most radical of movements in the iGaming world has just been the mobile movement. Players from Canada and across the world are opting for mobile gaming more than any other device.

The reasons for this are simple. Mobile gaming is compact and portable. We want more and faster, mobile devices are on par with modern laptops, and since we no longer have the need for fixed storage, with the advent of cloud storage, mobile devices perform even better than traditional static machines.

What Is A Smartwatch? 

A Smartwatch is a traditional timepiece on steroids. The Smartwatch was first launched as an accessory, which would compliment your current mobile device. Big corporations have spent millions refining the product; today Smartwatches not only compliment your mobile device but also act independently.

Smartwatches currently have the capability to do so much more than just tell the time in a funky way. The device can download apps and connect to the Internet.

With a host of various apps available for the multiplicity of devices on the market, Smartwatches are pioneering a new movement in society and in niche markets such as gaming.

Touch And Swipe

With Smartwatches people are limited to a small interface that is slightly larger than traditional timepiece screens. This single factor has made it challenging to propel the Smartwatch to the forefront of the market and for online pokies in Australia.

With two Interface movements, touching and swiping, the Smartwatch limits its users functionality. This has also made it challenging for app developers who wish to produce intricate apps.

Overcoming The Challenges

A new technology that will see your skin turned into a canvas is on the cards for Smartwatches. This technology allows you to pull, touch and swipe on your skin, directly controlling your Smartwatches functions.

This is a huge leap for the little device. It eliminates the limited interface functionality and allows users a better navigational structure.

Future Smartwatch Gaming 

The iGaming market has always been at the forefront of technological breakthroughs. When the online realm went live they took a stand, during the mobile revolution they devoted countless resources into developing platforms for players, in order to make mobile gaming a reality.

The iGaming sector has again stood up and recognized the untapped potential that lies in the smart technology that is now wearable. Wearable technology like the Smartwatch has seen the likes of Microgaming taking a keen interest in the nifty device.

The software provider has made a limited number of slots games available on the Smartwatch. Players from Canada can play slots games like Avalon on a Smartwatch. Instead of traditional pointing and clicking the game has been simplified to accommodate touch and swipe movements.

It is precisely this very simplicity that is the Smartwatches strong point. App developers will more than likely break their apps down to accommodate a more simplified device and interface.

Streamlined apps are growing and so is the market. This just means that Smartwatches betting is a future option. Future is the keyword here though, the technology is still very new and with rapid advances and industry growth it is a big contender for the future.