Simply put, golf is a sport capable of creating tremendous value for the sports bettor that knows their way around a balanced betting model or approach. Which is why it’s so fantastic that there exists such a large variety of golf bets.

These are some of our favourite golf bets of all time.

Each-Way Betting

An each-way golf bet is basically gunning for double value for your money. The each-way bet entails betting on the likelihood of a golfer winning or finishing high. This will typically involve betting on the likelihood of a finish among the top 5 players of a day or tournament.

First Round Leader

Since most major golfing events span several days, the first round leader bet is exceptionally popular among golf betting enthusiasts.

Exactly as the descriptions suggests, the first round leader bet requires of the bettor to predict which golfer will end up in the number 1 (leading) position after the first day of the competition. Golfers typically in the habit of getting off to a flying start – regardless of whether they finish strong or poorly – are typical first round leader betting favourites.

Head-To-Head Golf Betting

Head-to-head is another type of golf bet favoured for its beautiful simplicity. The head-to-head bet entails predicting which golfer of a team of playing partners will emerge leader of the pack on any particular day.

Top 5 Betting

Top 5 betting is perfect for beginners just starting out betting on golf. The number “5” can also be replaced by the numbers “10” or “20”.

The “top x” bet is a bet wagered on a specific player finishing among the top 5 / 10 / 20. Beginners will often even find that betting an amount on all three creates a bit of additional value. Since there are typically more than two “top” options available, multiple bets are hardly ever completely cancelled out. Also since 5 goes into 10 – and ten goes into 20 – betting on a bet on each of the three options will pay out repeatedly in the event of a player finishing in any of those positions.

Hole-In-One Betting

This bet’s description says it all. Not quite as forgiving as the Top 5 /10 /20 bet, the hole-in-one golf bet predicts whether or not a player will over the course of a tournament hit a hole-in-one. Since hitting a hole-in-one isn’t exactly an everyday occurrence, the odds will typically be much lower than the average – but the payout, by comparison, will also be so much bigger.

Match Play Golf Betting

Match play betting is only available for some of gold’s most prestigious tournaments. They are: the Presidents Cup, the Ryder Cup, and the Dell Technologies Match Play tournament.

In all of these events, bets may be wagered on which golfers the bettor predicts will go head-to-head all throughout a given competition. This bet too, though considered to be erring on the side of the exotic (creative bets), can be awesome fun to place. Also, since the likelihood of getting it right all the way through is lower than the average success rate, the payouts can easily reach into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.