Prize Fight Aristocrat Slot is a live casino video slot cabinet by the legendary slot producer Aristocrat. This Australian based company produces some of the most exclusive games out there as their cabinets are mostly restricted to Australia.

Prize Fight is a popular slot title first released in 1998. Currently it is not available in an online format, but it can still be found in a select few venues in Australia.

Prize Fight is most well known for its unique theme based on the early days of boxing. Fighters were basically journeymen, going from town to town and fight to fight to earn a living from boxing tournaments. Prize Fight Aristocrat Slot also features a quite unique bonus setup.

Prize Fight Aristocrat Slot Knockout Bonus round

The unique bonus round in Prize Fight Aristocrat Slot is activated by the knockout punch icon. If you manage to land three of these symbols lined up on an active pay line, you will be awarded with free spins and win multipliers.

There are no scatter symbols so the bonus symbols will need to land on one of the 9 pay lines players can activate. This happens more often than you would think so this feature becomes an almost regular part of the online casino Singapore.

The bonus trigger will award you with 5 free spins that you can take immediately. The free spins take place at the same wager value that was active when the bonus feature triggered. Players will also get a 3x multiplier attached to any win that takes place during the 5 free spins.

A unique element present in Prize Fight Aristocrat Slot is the fact that the pay line which triggered the bonus round, is the only pay line that is active during the free spins round.

Wagers In Prize Fight Aristocrat Slot

Prize Fight Aristocrat Slot features a quite high minimum wager. Players must spend 1 to activate a pay line. This is the minimum wager possible so prize fight is not really aimed at players on a strict budget.

There are only 9 pay lines to activate, meaning the maximum wager that can be placed is 9. Prize Fight Aristocrat Slot stands out in this regard from other Aristocrat slot games since you usually get to start your wagers at 0.01.

Due to how the bonus round works, the idea behind the high minimum wager may be to focus the player on a single pay line , rather than activating multiple pay lines that essentially do not feature during the free spins bonus round.

Prize Fight Aristocrat Slot On Reel Symbols

Prize Fight Aristocrat Slot features some great themed symbols that spin on the reels. Players get the iconic clashing boxing gloves in the game’s logo. You also get the boxing ring, the match referee, the much sought after championship belt, the corner stool and many more. All of the in game pay outs require you to line up three or more matching symbols on one of the 9 pay lines that you can activate.