Evolution Gaming To Build New Live Dealer Facility In Malta

News headlines have already stated; Evolution Gaming to build new live dealer facility in Malta. This announcement, of course, indicates a great many things. First, it is a clear sign that live casinos are growing in popularity at an amazing rate, so much so that an entire new facility is going to be constructed. Live casino broadcast centres are not cheap, and an investment this big can only mean that the cash is flowing fast and quick.

A broadcast centre includes not only the equipment to make live online broadcasts possible, but also a full team of professional croupiers to play the games. These croupiers, of course, are kept on as permanent staff, and no company makes this sort of investment lightly. But what does it mean for the horse betting industry as a whole? Will live casinos take over from digital casinos? And what does it mean for the people of Malta? Lets look a little deeper into the Evolution Gaming to build new live dealer facility in Malta headline.

Live Casinos Are The Future?

First in our look at the Evolution Gaming to build new live dealer facility in Malta headline, let’s consider a few statistics. Online casinos as an industry have been growing at an absolutely astonishing rate, so much so that real world casinos are said to be on the path to permanent death. This may be an exaggeration, but the fact that online casinos now see more visitors then real world casinos should give an indication of what’s happening in the world.

Add to this the fact that live casinos are gaining popularity almost as fast, and you may start asking the question; are live casinos the future of the gambling world? First of all, keep in mind that live casinos are currently only available in certain parts of the world, where the internet speeds are fast enough to support the required technology. This means that live casinos have yet to even penetrate certain markets, but almost certainly will in the future, sooner or later.

So the industry as a whole has much room to grow. Now consider that live casinos may be the logical evolutionary step of standard online casinos, with the market destined to swing in that direction. If this is all true, we may soon be seeing a very different online casino industry. This, of course, is only speculation, and how things turn out remains to be seen. But expect to see many more live casino broadcast centres opening in the future.

Malta And The World

Next in our review of the Evolution Gaming to build new live dealer facility in Malta headline, lets take a look at how the new broadcast centre will effect the world. Malta was a logical choice for a new broadcast centre, given that it may easily provide streams to allof Europe and the United Kingdom. And, as it stands, much of the popularity of live casinos is currently focused in this area. Malta as a whole will benefit from this move, of course, given that the area will receive extremely reliable feeds and blistering transfer rates, offering casino game players in the country a very reliable live casino experience.