The Gibraltar Regulatory Authority, or GRA, was established in 2000 by the Gibraltar Regulatory Act. It was begun as Gibraltar’s statuary body in charge of regulating electronic communications, and has expanded to monitoring data protection and gambling activities.

Today the GRA manages the British territory’s electronic communication using the Regulatory Act mentioned above, and gambling and data protection using national laws that have been rendered according to European Union law. Its user-friendly website and physical offices offer users and providers comprehensive support with this, and the GRA’s Annual Report on all 3 areas is easily available.

Gibraltar Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communication

The GRA aims to enhance competition in the communications sector, to offer world-class choices for businesses and individuals within the territory, and to establish Gibraltar as a world-class telecommunications centre open to business from around the globe. To this end, the Authority grants licenses and authorisations to facilitate entry into the market of online casinos.

This goal is also achieved by regulating network access across dial-up and wireless internet connections, and mobile services providing data and voice services, VOIP services, television and radio. Radio communications involved include licensing frameworks for satellites and fixed wireless services.

Gibraltar Regulatory Authority for Data Protection

The GRA acts as the Supervisory Authority for enforcing 2004’s Data Protection Act. This means that it ensures personal data is kept up to date and accurate, and is used in a transparent and responsible way. The GRA was nominated for this role of Data Protection Commissioner by the Government of Gibraltar, and acts independently of this office, monitoring the Data Protection Act with a well-run system.

To ensure smooth administration of the act worldwide, the GRA works in close collaboration with foreign authorities in similar regulatory roles. The central idea is to strike a balance between protecting the rights of individuals and the needs of service providers and businesses. For both online and land-based

Gibraltar Regulatory Authority for Gambling

In its role as Gambling Commissioner, the GRA liaises with licensees and oversees all of their operations. As might be expected, particular attention is paid to the supervision, regulation and enforcement of licence terms and the laws that relate to them. In both land-based and online casino Australia, the Gambling Act of 2005 is the highest law in Gibraltar and is executed by the GRA.

The primary code of practice for the gambling industry in Gibraltar, and the primary document used by the GRA as Gambling Commissioner, is the Generic Code that was first drafted in 2008 by the Gambling Division. This encompasses physical site visits, Regulatory Returns and all other important administrative and functional activities.

All of this information is available at the GRA website, in a format and in language that is easy to understand. Interested businesses and parties should check this regularly for updates of existing information, and releases of any new reports, facts and figures. This will help all stakeholders to stay on top of their roles and responsibilities, so that Gibraltar can maintain good relations with all countries and its strong reputation.