Betting on eSports isn’t all that different to betting on traditional sports – in fact, the two concepts are actually very similar. But since betting on eSports is a lot newer than traditional sports betting, there are certain things worth mentioning about bets wagered on competitive video gaming events.

What Is “ESports”?

ESports is basically a term used for video games played in an organised and competitive setting. A typical eSports tournament would involve two or more teams facing off against one another while playing the same game.

Popular video games encountered during these tournaments include League of Legends, Fortnite, Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), Call of Duty, and Overwatch. Since these types of games are played by literally millions of gamers all over the globe, they are especially popular in the world of eSports betting.

Where Do I Bet On ESports?

The simple answer to this question is: with an online bookie. There are several online bookmakers offering eSports betting.

Bookmakers offering eSports betting will either offer real money betting or so-called “skin” betting, or in some cases, both. When just starting out, real money betting on eSports is best. Skin betting often requires a more in-depth knowledge of teams, technical aspects of the games, etc.

Different ESports Bets Explained

There are several types of bets. As mentioned before, of all the different types of bets, real-money bets are best when starting out.

Betting on eSports with real money: real money bets are exactly that – betting on the outcomes of eSports events with real money. The idea is to accurately predict the winner, size of the points-lead, etc., in return for a profit made on the original wager.

Skin betting: also referred to as “item betting”, skin betting is betting on in-game virtual items typically up for purchase or offered in return for specific achievements reached throughout the course of the progression of a game. Skin betting is only really of use to actual gamers – although some people do dabble in the buying and selling of skins at a profit.

Fantasy betting: fantasy betting is engaged in for recreational purpose, i.e. pure enjoyment. The concept is a simple one: fantasy points are awarded based on the performance of a fictional put-together team during an actual event. The bettor who ends up raking in the most points at the end of a pre-specified period of time, wins the bet. Some fantasy betting sites offer special promotional prizes, but this type of betting is mostly for the “love of the game”.

Are eSports Bets Here To Stay?

While the regulated eSports market is practically still in its juvenile shoes, the short answer to this question is a definite “yes”, i.e. eSports betting is most probably here to stay.

ESports have actually for many years been touted as the “sports betting of the future”. And it’s a future hastily ushered in a temporary sidelining of more traditional sports. So much so, that the stage is now perfectly set for eSports bets being here to stay.