The A Dragons Story slot game, developed by NextGen studios, is an outstanding game due to its extremely high quality graphics and design, as far as slot machines are concerned. The soundtrack and sound design are also superior, making the game worth playing, even if just to marvel at the amount of effort that went into its creation. The game itself is fast paced and entertaining, following the traditional slot machine system.

Special Dragon Features

The super bet feature allows for a player to select a multiplier via the interface. This means that a round can be played, any time chosen, with an added chance of wilds being added to the reels. This is done via an animation that triggers small dragons at the bottom of the play area. At random, one or more of the small dragons may shoot fire onto a tile, transforming it into a wild. You may reduce the number of dragons, or raise the number, simply by pressing the super bet button. The scatter icon, represented by a purple gem, will trigger the bonus game if landed at least three times. This will also trigger an impressive animation, plus grant the player ten free spins, during which all wins payout double. The little dragons are also more likely to add wild tiles during the free spin sequence.

Free and Real Play Options

The A Dragons Story slot machine game is available to play for free, if the user wishes to do so. This can easily be done, just by opening the game and not logging into an account. If you do wish to play for real money, however, please pay attention to the following. A valid account must be created and logged into. The account must also have funds available to play. If funds are not available, and an account is active, an error message will be returned and play will be impossible. To add funds to an account, simply make a deposit, which can be done by providing your bank account details and selecting an amount.

How to Play in Detail

The A Dragons Story slot game is played by the standard online slot machine rules. This involves placing an initial bet, which can be selected via the easy interface at the bottom of the screen, for example, slots at River Belle Casino are played in this way. Once the bet is settled on, the player may then select to spin the reels, which is done via the spin button, also found near the bottom of the screen. After the reels are set in motion, the bet may not be changed. Upon the reels stopping, a number of play icons will be displayed, and, if any create a matching sequence, from left to right, a payout is made. The payout in question will of course be determined by the value of the tiles, with higher value tiles being those that are obviously desired. Since the A Dragons Story Slot is a five reel, twenty line system, sequences may be created on a number of rows, and not just those in the centre play area. A more detailed explanation of these play lines may be seen by clicking the information button.