If you’re lucky enough to own an iPhone, you probably already know how thrilling it is to visit online casino Malaysia with your handset. Traditional games are beautifully rendered, and the device’s superb processing power and sensitive touchscreen make them a joy to play. Every game is very immersive, but if you’re looking for new iPhone online casino games Baccarat is worth serious consideration.

It was first played in noble Italian houses and then spread to the French aristocracy in the 1400s. Today it’s enjoyed by casino visitors all over the world, and once you’ve tried it for yourself you’ll see why.

A Beginner’s Guide to Playing Online Baccarat

If you’re comparing iPhone online casino games Baccarat is quite a lot more involved than many others. There are 3 versions that you might encounter, but the simplest and most common is definitely Punto Banco. This makes it the perfect place to begin familiarising yourself with the game, and once you’ve mastered Punto Banco’s ins and outs, you’ll be ready to investigate the others and start developing your own style.

With Punto Banco, a Punto (Player) and Banco (Banker) hand is dealt at the beginning of each round. Both these hands consist of 2 cards, with the Ace cards being worth 1 and the Face cards being worth 0. The Number cards all carry their face value. The cards of the hand are added together, and the 10 value is dropped. A hand with a 9 and a 4 card, for example, is worth 3 rather than 13.

A hand total of 8 or 9 is called a Natural, and wins the round automatically. A Player hand of 6 or 7 stands, and if it is a lower number another card is dealt. The rules determining whether or not the Dealer hand gets another card are a little more complicated, and depend on several factors such as whether the Player hand was dealt another card and what the value of that card was. It’s always the responsibility of the Dealer to remember these, and like most other iPhone online casino games Baccarat games usually are designed to automatically deal another card as necessary, so you never need to remember the specific rules.

What you do need to focus on is placing astute bets. You have to put your money down before the hands are dealt, which brings in an exciting element of chance. It’s always wisest to base your decisions on calculated odds, and it’s easy to find great guidelines to these online. In fact, like other iPhone online casino games Baccarat can be improved by several online tools and resources, and you’ll discover more and more of them as you keep playing.

You can choose to bet on the Punto or Banco hand being higher and winning the round, or on the hands being a tie. A winning bet on a Punto hand has a 1:1 payout, while those on Banco hands are the same less a 5% commission. A winning bet on a tie pays out an enormous 8:1 reward, but the House Edge is just as staggering and stands at a huge 14.1. You should only make this bet if you don’t care about losing the money – and you’re feeling extremely lucky!

Entertainment that Develops

Like most iPhone online casino games Baccarat gets more and more intriguing as you continue to play. Your appreciation and insight will just keep growing, which is nothing but good news for your winnings.