Sandown Racecourse

Sandown Racecourse is a Thoroughbred race track Melbourne Australia, and is the home of the Melbourne racing club. Is the only metropolitan racecourse built in the 20th century, and was opened in front of a crowd of 52 000 people in June 1965. The Sandown Racecourse is just outside the Melbourne CBD, providing access to horse racing to a number of people from the inner city that would not normally be able to get out into the country.

The original course was a rough oval shape with a home straight of 407 metres. The course has had an additional 30 metre wide home turn added to it, as well as the main track being increased in width from 30 to 45 metres. This ended up creating two tracks, Sandown Lakeside and The Hillside track. The Lakeside has a circumference of 1857 metres and a home straight 407 metres as the original track did, while The Hillside course is longer at 2087 metres with a home straight of 491 metres.

Track amenities

The Sandown Racecourse hosts 21 races per season, number of which are scheduled tab events that are televised all over the country. Most of the races can all be found on either Pay TV or one of the Sky channels, and wagering on them is available online via various sites. The bar at the Sandown Racecourse shows other tab events on big screen TVs, offering betting on them via on-site bookies. On site bookies are also available on all race days, although the bigger race days will offer a wide variety of greyhound online betting sites.

Sandown Carnival

The Sandown Racecourse has two main races annually; The Zipping classic and the Sandown Guinea, both of which are Group 2 races. Group 3 races include Eclipse Stakes, the Sandown Stakes and the Summond Stakes. These are run over a number of distances varying between 1300 metres and 2400 metres. As these are the main races which are run at Sandown Racecourse wagering on them is covered by online site. Odds vary from site to site, so shopping around is in the punters best interest in order to find the odds and the site that suits them the best.

Betting on the Sandown Guineas

The Sandown Guineas is the type of race that usually attracts horses of a higher calibre. This means that there is a good field when it comes to wagering options. Although the race is short, only run over 1600 metres, 3 year olds who were previously entered into longer races often enter the Sandown Guinea field. The Sandown Guinea has historically fielded a large number of well known thoroughbreds who have gone on to become Elite race horses such as Niagara and Press Day. To enter into the race a thoroughbred has to be nominated and fulfil a number of categories such as previous race results as well as money won. They also have to be over the year of the age of three, although gender is not restricted.

Sandown Strategies

Knowing the course and the horses is imperative to creating a successful wager. Sandown is long sweeping course, in which barriers are not as important as the tighter turning courses such as Mount Gambier. That being said, horses drawing the inside do have a very slight advantage over horses on the outside, especially in maiden races. Knowing your horses as well as the track conditions go long way toward making your way to more successful than just going in blind.