Motor racing is a broad genre of racing sports that includes a number of vehicle classes. In general, motor racing is defined as a sporting event that involves an automobile of any kind, with the winner of the race determined by which vehicle crosses the finish line first. This is regardless of the length of the racing track, or terrain of the track. Vehicles in motor racing will be piloted by one driver, but may have an assistant, depending on the style of race. In some cases a driver is accompanied by a navigator, who helps guide the car to the finish line in difficult, winding terrain.

Off-road tracks are used in some motor racing events, and the vehicles involved will be specifically designed to deal with the rough terrain. In the case of off road tracks, the vehicles generally be substantially heavier, and races will generally be a great deal longer, depending on the race in question. On-road tracks are categorised by lighter vehicles and generally quicker races, although this again depends on the race in question.

Vehicle Classes

A vehicle classed as open-wheel refers to motor racing vehicles that have their wheel outside the body of the car. This style of vehicle is specifically designed to participate in motor racing, and travels at speeds that far outclass ordinary on-road vehicles. Open-wheel vehicles also, however, will not travel on any terrain other than a professional racing track. Such vehicles have to be transported to racing tracks, after which they are unloaded only to participate in the race. Open-wheel races include Formula One and the Indy Car series, both of which are notable for featuring only a single driver in the car at all times

Closed Wheel

Closed wheel vehicles, as would be expected, have their wheels inside the body of the car, as with any ordinary on-road vehicle. Closed wheel vehicles are used in off-road events, but also feature in many on-road sporting events. Sports car racing, or drag racing, features extremely powerful closed wheel vehicles, and can take place on roads not specifically designed for racing. It should be noted that closed wheel racing stands apart from closed wheel racing in that it is much more open to the public, with any enthusiast able to enter a car into organised street racing.

Motor Racing Wagers

Betting on motor racing events is popular, especially in the case of professional Formula One and Indy Car racing. The majority of online betting NZ bookmakers offer betting options, although the extent of the options offered may vary. In most cases fixed odds are offered for specific racers to win.

In the case of events that involve a great number of vehicles, however, such as the Indianapolis 500, odds may only be provided for the top most likely racers to win. This helps bet makers narrow down the vast number of competitors to just those that have a good chance of placing in the top ten. Keep in mind that more amateur street racing events will likely not feature at a professional online bookmaker.