The Australian Football League, more commonly known as the AFL, is a professional football league guided by specific Australian rules. The league is exceptionally popular the world over, but did you know that you can also bet on AFL games and potentially win cash returns?

Here is everything you need to know to bet on AFL games successfully.

Understand Your Odds

Before betting on an AFL game, you should fully understand AFL betting terms and odds. AFL betting odds are the odds of the teams in each match winning, and one team will almost always have higher odds of winning.

Learn which teams are more skilled on average than others and you can use these odds to your advantage to improve your potential winnings. Bear in mind that these odds can change before events take place, so you should check them frequently so that you can make well-informed wagers.

Know Your Bet Types

If you want to place an AFL bet, you need to know what your bet is all about! There are a wide range of bets you can place on AFL games, including:

  • Head to head/outright winner bets. This is a straightforward wager on the final outcome of a match. All you need to do is pick the team you think will win.
  • Line bets. This popular bet format refers to a winning spread of points that a team must lose or win by for the bet to be successful. Thus, if a team is listed at +20.5 at $1.85, the team will need to win the game by over 20.5 points for the wager to pay out.
  • Season pricing bets. These specific wagers require bettors to back their team of choice for a whole AFL season. The season pricing will be updated after every round, meaning you will need to check it on a weekly basis to make up-to-date predictions.
  • Premiership bets. These involve choosing the team you expect to win the AFL Grand Final or Minor Premiership. The odds will change with every match, and the teams that do the best in their games will have the best odds.

Consider Multiple Accounts

Many online sportsbooks offer welcome bonuses and free bets as incentives to get you to sign up. If you register multiple accounts, you can take advantage of more than one sign-up offer, which means that you can place even more potentially winning wagers! Be sure to check your sportsbooks’ bonus playthrough terms before registering.

Stay Up to Date

Follow your favourite AFL team’s progress carefully throughout the season and wager accordingly. If their performance starts to slip, adjust your strategy and consider backing the stronger team instead.

Be Prepared

Making consistently smart bets requires preparation and flexibility. Make sure that you know which bets and odds will be the most advantageous for any given scenario so that you can maximise your chances of walking away with solid returns.

The more you prepare and research before placing your AFL bets, the better off your bank account will be!