Strange Gambling Superstitions

Most people believe in superstitions to a certain extent – walking under a ladder or spilling salt can feel a little uncomfortable even if you know there’s no rational reason for it. In gambling, where being lucky is vitally important, […]

Popular MMA Bets Explained

When considering the vast variety of available spectator sports in existence today, there’s hardly a sport as exciting as Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), also referred to as combat sports. What’s more, given the correct approach, betting on MMA can be […]

The Key Differences Between Odds Formats

Odds is a term that has become an extremely important factor in the modern sports betting world. The odds that are offered by a bookie are created from a number of different sources of information, such as the current value […]

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The Australian Football League, more commonly known as the AFL, is a professional football league guided by specific Australian rules. The league is exceptionally popular the world over, but did you know that you can also bet on AFL games […]

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ESports Betting Explained

Betting on eSports isn’t all that different to betting on traditional sports – in fact, the two concepts are actually very similar. But since betting on eSports is a lot newer than traditional sports betting, there are certain things worth […]